Youth Particicpation Strategy - Cherryville

Dialogue with local youth and respective needs assessment to understand which services can be imporved.



The Youth Information Center of Cherryville is happy to create a Youth Participation strategy where young people will have the main say. We want to know about the services you are interested in and how can we meet your needs. 

Please, remember that we are here for you and that this strategy is for YOUth. 

Kontakt für Rückfragen

Vladimir Babenko

Bubble gum street, 14Z
Cherryville, Humbria

Telefon: +11111111111

E-Mail-Adresse Webseite

Voting phase

Diese Phase endet in 7 Wochen und 16 Stunden

13.10.2021 00:00 - 10.12.2021 23:59 (Deine Zeitzone: Europe/Berlin)

Please complete the survey between October 13 and December 10, 2021 (by 23:59 Cherryville local time). You will be then invited to a youth hearing taking place on December 15, 2021. Place and time are to be decided. We are hoping to see you all there! Please, share with your friends.


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