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Participation is the involvement of citizens in decision-making processes. A successful participation generally requires three things:

1. free access to the information relevant for the decision

2. the discussion of the topic and facts

3. the opportunity to vote for the parties involved

In the case of eParticipation, these steps are mainly carried out via online tools. This has many advantages: eParticipation is possible at any time at any place and up-to-date information can be made available to all interested parties in real time.

Municipalities, schools and youth organisations take regularly decisions that affect young people. Young people want and should have a say in decision-making and contribute their ideas in such decision-making processes.

Young people in particular use digital media for communication - eParticipation via digital platforms such as OPIN enables young people to participate actively in decision-making. With OPIN, participation projects can select the appropriate combination of online tools and offline activities, depending on the project.

OPIN is a pan-European youth participation platform.
Like a toolbox, OPIN offers a wide variety of participation processes.

OPIN is available for public administration institutions and youth organisations of all types and sizes. Among other things OPIN gives authorities, youth organizations, educational institutions, and youth clubs the possibility to start their own participation processes on the platform and thus to involve young people actively in decision-making processes.

OPIN is an online platform that provides digital and mobile participation tools. It creates a digital home for participation projects and allows transparent communication of all phases of these projects. OPIN offers support and guidance through the entire participation process.

OPIN is a result of the research and innovation project "EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe", which was funded by the EU research and innovation programme "HORIZON2020". The project involved eleven partners in eight European countries.

OPIN was jointly conceived and realized by the nexus Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research GmbH and Liquid Democracy e. V. within the EUth project.

OPIN offers the possibility of initiating participation projects and inviting young people to participate.

OPIN allows the initiators of participation projects to individually select different participation processes. The initiators moderate the process and coordinate their community by themselves. Thus they can support the process at any time and react to current events.

OPIN supports the involvement of the participants in the projects through:

  • Participation in online discussions, by commenting and submitting suggestions 
  • Votings on specific or open topics and/or co statements
OPIN’s download function makes it easier to document the results of discussions and votes. OPIN allows the integration of offline events at any time of the participation process.

OPIN offers six tools for the implementation of participation processes: "Brainstorming", "Idea Challenge", "Spatial Tools”, “Agenda Setting", Text Review and Poll”. 

OPIN is currently available in English, Danish, French, Slovenian, German, Swedish, Italian, Ukrainian, Greek, Macedonian, Maltese, Russian and Georgian. However, as a truly European platform we aim to break language barriers and provide OPIN in as many languages as possible.

If you would like to use OPIN in your native language, you can help us. Please contact us via info@opin.me to find out more about taking part in the community-based translation process of the software.

The security of our users’ personal data is very important to us. You can be assured that we will handle your data with care and sensibility in order to ensure a high standard of security. OPIN is hosted on European Servers where European data protection laws apply. Every OPIN account is tied to a verified email address. Each user sets up an account with a password.

As part of the research project "EUth- Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe" OPIN is obliged to provide anonymous user names for all participants under 18 years of age. We ask you to use a pseudonym as your username. This way third parties cannot find out your true name.

For more information about privacy, privacy for minors and further topics, please refer to: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.