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How can I start my own project?

Everyone is welcome to launch a local youth eParticipation project on OPIN!

If you are interested in setting up a new participation project, please contact us at: info@opin.me.

We help you choosing the right features for your specific situation and set up your local group on OPIN. Please also have a look at our "How To" menu. There you will find useful background information and practical tips on project and community management, moderation and motivation, as well as software manuals and FAQs.

Coming up: The Decision Support Tool!

OPIN gives you the opportunity to involve young people by offering different participative processes for many different situations. But it is not always easy to decide how a participation process should look and which face-to-face methods fit best. OPIN will soon have the decision support tool that offers you guidance through the jungle of participative methods and designs.


The only thing you will have to do is to answer some questions, so that we know what your project is about. The tool will help you find the participation process that best matches your project and assists you in setting up an eParticipation process on the OPIN platform. Additionally, it will provide practical information that will help you to organise and complete face-to-face events in your area.