Pick up your cherry! Brainstorming

Give us your ideas and opinions about the services of youth information center cherryville



Our goal is to improve and adapt our services for young people, and for that we would like to hear your opinion. Your opinion is really important to us because we want to offer useful services for you.

You can share your ideas by participating in our survey from 20. August to 10. September 2019. After the survey we will collect more ideas in a hearing. After analysing the results, we will discuss with decision makers and let you know what will be implemented in our/your center.

დაუკავშირდით კითხვებს

Alicia, Paula and Daniela

Collect phase

ეს ეტაპი მთავრდება 2 კვირის განმავლობაში და 1 დღეს

5.ივნ.2019 10:00 - 4.ივლ.2019 10:00 (თქვენი დროის სარტყელი: Europe/Berlin)

Add new ideas and comment them.

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Cherryville Must Finish

miguelveiga ოთხშაბათი, 5 ივნისი, 2019
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mobile youth centre

ggr ოთხშაბათი, 5 ივნისი, 2019
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imre ოთხშაბათი, 5 ივნისი, 2019

The results of this project will be published.

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