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An Artificial Intelligence Policy Proposal



Artificial Intelligence has seen monumental advancements in the past months and years - from increases in processing power to the data explosion. Beyond technical research and commercial opportunities, the technology has the potential to fundamentally alter our society. The current speed of development and adoption of AI poses challenges to policymakers seeking to create regulations, use AI applications to improve government operations and services, and better understand its socio-economic impacts. Innovations such as language processing, predictive algorithms and autonomous vehicles are already operating in everyday life and challenging traditional regulatory regimes and planning in transit, infrastructure, and public safety.

With this in mind, it's not out of this world to visualise how an initiative wherein youths engage with AI, especially when it comes to proposing potential ways forward for our country, is one of the few opportunities by which we can actualise the age-old saying that youths are the future.

This will be done through the following steps;

1.       A permanent subcommittee* will be established, that will operate throughout the entirety of the process

2.       Members of the subcommittee will review the Malta 2030 Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and come up with a rough skeleton as to how the topic can be approached, with a youth view in mind

3.       The subcommittee then decides how to distribute itself into the various sections being treated by the document (all of which will have a workshop** dedicated to them)

4.       Work will be done to ensure that professionals in the AI sector will be available to be consulted throughout the project, as to ensure that a high-quality document with feasible proposals is finally presented

*The subcommittee will be made up of 12 members, which will be chosen via interview, and with their skillsets being taken into consideration

**There will be 5 workshops along the project timeline, 3 of which will be dedicated to creating separate sections of the document, with the other 2 being dedicated to reviewing and improving on the work done. 


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Voting phase

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Having presented a set of possible avenues through which one could present policy proposals on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, the results of this survey would count to recognising what youth’s priorities are and ensuring that they give the final document its general direction.

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