Evaluate and sustain

Evaluate and sustain the project from the beginning to the end 

You and your project management team should start with evaluating the fourth and final phase individually – just like you have done with the previous three phases. Then you should look at the project in full. Here the evaluation sheets from each of the four phases will be of great use. All in all, use this opportunity to learn from what went well and what did not and reflect on suggested solutions to this. Summarise these insights in a brief report which you can draw on the next time you carry out a youth eParticipation project. 

However, it is not enough to only evaluate the process internally in your team. You could also invite the youth representatives and the decision-makers to two separate evaluation and follow-up meetings. It is highly useful to include their perspectives on the process in your evaluation report as well. The meeting with your endorsers with decision-making power is also a great opportunity to plant a seed for your next collaboration on youth participation. 

And an important concluding remark: Before you close down the project make sure that all project resources are accessible to everyone in your organisation, so no important knowledge will be lost. You can benefit from these resources in your next youth eParticipation project. Instead of starting from scratch you can update and adjust already existing files and, in that way, be even more efficient in your planning process.