About OPIN

A European toolbox for youth eParticipation projects

OPIN is an all-in-one digital and mobile participation toolbox for youth organizations or public administrations. 

OPIN provides participation projects with a digital home. All stages of the project are transparent and supported by OPIN’s software: 

  • features for digital and mobile participation 
  • intelligent community management 
  • integration of offline events
  • multimedia information about your project 

The toolbox is developed to support quality participation by design. Concentrated practical tips and a decision support tool help to plan and find the right tools for your purpose. Build a professional eParticipation process without being a pro. 

OPIN development

OPIN platform and features were developed within the project "EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe”. The project was runby from March 2015 to March 2018 and was supported under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.
Besides software development, several activities took place until March 2018.
Check out the project website for more information: www.euth.net

Since 2019, OPIN has been further developed within the framework of Erasmus+ funding. Together with partners from different European countries, initiators should find it easier to use OPIN for participation projects.

Check out the project website for more information: Digital youth participation made easy

Project coordinators

Liquid Democracy e.V., Germany
nexus Institute for Cooperation Management and Interdisciplinary Research, Germany