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Ever wondered how to get young people involved in politics online? OPIN shows you how!

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OPIN is an all-in-one digital and mobile participation toolbox for youth organisations or public administrations. Build professional eParticipation processes without being a pro! All stages of the project are transparent and supported by OPIN’s software: 

  • features for digital and mobile participation 
  • intelligent community management 
  • integration of offline events
  • multimedia information about your project

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You want to state your opinion or propose ideas about what should happen in your community? Find the organisation you are interested in and take part in its projects!


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You are part of a youth organisation or public administration and want to involve young people into your projects or decision-making processes? Set up your own eParticipation project and have a look at the features OPIN offers!

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What were your experiences in your projects and with the platform? What went well? What did or didn't you like?

We try to continuously improve the OPIN platform according to your needs. Share your thoughts and experience and connect with others user on OPIN!

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