Outcome phase: Introduction

Remember, success is measured on the impact you make. This phase is all about making your project count. Well not all – you should also evaluate your project, so you are primed to make an even better and more successful youth eParticipation project the next time. 

As already touched upon, impact can be many things. It can be the learning that the young people experience while taking part in the participatory project; it can be the positive impression that local politicians and decision-makers get of youth participation projects; it can also be translated directly into decisions about budgetary allocations, investment in recreational facilities, and so much more. In your case impact is primarily realising the goals you set in the Idea phase. No matter what kind of impact you aimed for in your project it is highly important to show the young people that their active participation in a democratic decision-making process can make a difference. 

You are almost at the finishing line. Nevertheless, there is still work involved in preparing and transforming the project results into accessible output – which should then be communicated to the decision-makers and beyond. And don’t forget the evaluation!