Welcome on board!

If you are reading this, it means that you are seriously considering including young people in making real decisions which will affect their lives. The EUth project partners thank you for this and welcome you to a large community of individuals and organisations that practices and believes in participatory democracy.

Tips and tricks for more and better youth eParticipation 

The OPIN guidelines are designed to assist initiators who wish to carry out youth eParticipation projects on the OPIN platform, developed by the EUth project partners, as well as initiators of youth participation in general – both online and offline – who can also benefit from reading them. Whether you are working in a public administration, a youth organisation, or somewhere completely different, the OPIN guidelines are here to help you. The guidelines offer practical tips and tricks and direct your attention to issues you need to consider in order to succeed with your project. References are made to other documents that might help you where these guidelines do not go into much detail.  

Behind the scenes of the OPIN guidelines

The OPIN guidelines have been developed by the Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT) in collaboration with the EUth project partners. In the process of development, European youth workers, stakeholders, researchers, and young people have continuously shared their insights, experiences and visions for youth eParticipation with us. 

Happy reading! 
DBT and the EUth project partners