Data protection and privacy

Privacy and data protection: OPIN is a safe place

Complying with privacy and data protection regulation? Phew, does this sound like too much of a mouthful? Believe us – it is not!

OPIN is a safe place. The EUth project and Liquid Democracy, which will host and maintain, comply with European data protection legislation. Additionally, Liquid Democracy in particular complies with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This legislation describes how to proceed with the collection, processing or use of personal data. For example, to ensure that authorised users of data-processing systems can only access data of their authorisation level, and that personal data in the processing, use and after storage cannot be read, copied, changed and removed by unauthorised personnel.

The EUth project and Liquid Democracy even go beyond this regulation: Data submitted via OPIN are kept on European servers and not given to third parties. For the registration process, OPIN only asks for a minimum of data, such as a user name and a password. Moreover, it is possible to use pseudonyms when registering on OPIN.

If you want minors to take part in your project you need their parents’ consent for them to do so. A minor is a young person below the age of 18. When the minors sign up on OPIN, they declare through their registration that their legal guardians agree with the participation of their son or daughter.* Keep in mind that it is possible that minors register on OPIN without having involved their legal guardians in this decision – but you won’t be held legally accountable, if this happens. But one way to avoid this situation is to involve the parents or legal guardians more in your project. 

Furthermore, we advise you to follow these basic do’s and don’ts:


If you are ever in doubt if your project is legally compliant or have questions about data protection, you should contact your national data protection authority.  It is always better to be on the safe side when it comes to privacy and data protection!

*See item number 3 of the OPIN Privacy Policy