Organise a training session

Organise a training session for all team members  

In order to make everything run as smoothly as possible it is highly recommended that you organise a training session a few days before a face-to-face event. Here every person who has a role in the programme should participate. You should try and send all relevant materials such as the programme, information material and step-by-step guides well in advance, so everyone has time to read it beforehand.

During the training, the project team should explain the purpose of the youth eParticipation project and more specifically the objectives of the event. You should carefully go through every point in the step-by-step guide and explain the different roles at the event. Make sure to allocate time for questions and answers, so uncertainties about the programme, roles and the like can be clarified beforehand. If table discussions are part of the event, it can be very useful to make an exercise where you play out the discussions in order to show how the group moderator should act. During this exercise, you can simulate different situations which might occur during the discussions and then talk about how the table moderator could solve a potential problem. If you use eParticipation features during the face-to-face event the table moderators should also test them, so they are ready to help if the young participants have questions.

 When decision-makers have a role in the programme, it can be very useful also to organise a briefing session with them, so they are primed for the event and know exactly what is expected from them. If they don’t have the time for a personal meeting, do the briefing session on the phone.