Involve the young people

Involve the young people in your project idea

When you have the initial sketch of your project ready, you could set up a meeting with representatives from the group of young people you have previously mapped. You should test the initial project idea on them, let them challenge it and ask for their input. This is a way to avoid having an unappealing idea and instead coming up with a project that young people would actually take part in when it is being realised.  

There are more potential benefits involved with having such a meeting:


It is highly fruitful to meet with these young representatives continuously throughout your project whenever you are in need of insider knowledge. One way to formalise these meetings is to set up a steering committee. There are several methods to recruit these young representatives. You could for instance carry out an Open Call, so interested young people can apply to become a member, or you could team up with the local student councils. For more inspiration for recruitment see the Preparation Phase!