Test the eParticipation process

Carefully test the eParticipation process before it airs  

It is highly important that everyone who is involved in the project management team is familiar with the OPIN platform – and especially the team members who are in charge of online community management. This will only happen if you use the platform actively and thus try all the different functionalities and features. Of course, it is especially important that the online community manager is a super user. The OPIN platform also offers user-friendly manuals. Check them out to learn more about the OPIN functionalities and user roles!  

When your online process is set up you should test it. In a perfect world both your project team and young representatives should test it and provide their feedback. The reason for this is twofold: 

1) You have the chance to get rid of technical problems. If something doesn’t work you will have time to fix it. You only have one shot! If something doesn’t work when you launch the process, the young participants will most likely get bored and not take part again. 

2) You have the chance to modify the contents of your process (for instance text and pictures) if you receive less positive feedback from the young representatives.