Spatial Brainstorming

Test here how it works to combine an idea with a map



On this page there should be useful info on your project.

For example:

  • Start date and end date
  • Motivation to do it
  • Contact person
  • A website with more information and further reading (if applicable)

Making Berlin green - What are your ideas?

Ta faza se zaključi 11 tedni in 1 dan

31.1.2017. 13:40 - 31.12.2019. 17:00 (tvoj časovni pas: Europe/Berlin)

This is an example project on spatial planning. For example, this one could ask, how we can make Berlin even greener. Test yourself how spatial planning works and how to combine your idea with a map. This example project is not related to the city of Berlin. It is just a random example.

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