Digital Platforms are tools that can aid youth work.

Delegates are encouraged to generate ideas how to use digital tools to respond to emerging issues to work with young people.



 Young people today are confronted with novel developments in the ways and means of learning; often rapid economic change, social dislocation and growing, if uneven, affluence; increasing urbanization and rural isolation.

Tools at the youth workers' disposal are social media and digital technology. One such tool which was used by Agenzija Zghazagh is the OPIN e-participation platform. The aim of this idea generation is to encourage the Commonwealth delegates visiting AZ@K Regional Youth service to generate ideas how youth workers can use social media and digital platforms to work with young people and engage them in active participation. 

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How can youth workers use social media in their service with young people?

Generate ideas about how youth workers can use social media and digital platforms like OPIN to engage young people in active participation.

The results of the idea generation will be used to highlight how through e-participation and social media youth worker can engage young people in online and offline initiatives and decision-making processes. 

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