How to embed new communication channels into (old) traditional structures of decision-making?



Participants of the Open summit on youth eParticipation in Europe “Future is Now” are invited to brainstorm and share their ideas. You have the chance to give your input even if you cannot participate in all of the discussion groups. Your ideas will be reviewed and discussed in the group. They are the basis for our 12 statements that will be presented by the end of the day.

The discussion group IMPACT will take place on thursday at 16:00 - 17:45 in room Kupelsaal Nord.

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Brainstorm ideas

Think about the ways in which new participation channels could be embedded into old communication structures and post them online. Do you have other ideas for discussion on the impact of eParticipation - share them here too!

The recommendations that were proposed by the Impact group are:


  • Inclusion: Promote inclusive participatory culture through diversified (virtual & physical) channels of communication which ensures accessibility for everyone.


  • Policy making: Use digital participation tools to ensure decision making processes are made open, transparent, responsive, easy, accountable and clearly linked to outcome and FUN


  • Follow-through: Deliver concrete results quickly, share them on an open portal,broadcast to wider social media and potential actions taken.

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