COMING UP: The OPIN guidelines

Picture this: The city council is planning on establishing a youth centre, and you feel youth should be included in the decision-making process. However, you have no experience with carrying out such a participation project. Does this sound familiar?

With the help of guidelines, OPIN will help you to set up successful online youth participation projects. They will guide you through every step of the project and provide you with tips on how to approach a wide range of important topics. Tips for the following topics are to be included, just to mention a few:
- Motivation
- Recruitment
- Online moderation
- Data protection  
- Political impact  
- And many more…  
The tips will be useful to you whether you are an amateur or have previous experience with youth participation. They are especially aimed at youth workers in political administrations and youth organisations, but others will also benefit from checking them out.  

The guidelines will be available in two formats: You can either download them as a handbook or find them displayed in the Decision Support Tool.