OPIN Community

The OPIN Community brings eParticipation practitioners from all over Europe together. We want to discuss eParticipation, share our insights and answer pressing questions.



The OPIN Community brings eParticipation initiators and enthusiasts from all over the world together.

We want to...

  • discuss topics around eParticipation ,
  • share insights about good participation processes,
  • answer questions around OPIN
  • and build a European network of practitioners.

Feel free to share your knowledge and successes, ask questions and reply to questions.

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ეს ეტაპი მთავრდება 297 კვირის განმავლობაში და 1 დღეს

23.სექ.2020 00:00 - 30.სექ.2026 00:00 (თქვენი დროის სარტყელი: Europe/Berlin)

You can add questions to the forum. Everyone ist invited to answer questions from other community members. If you have an insight (a good practice example or any kind of advice), please share it with the community. We are sure it's valuable. In addition you can share events (online and offline).

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3rd Community Meeting on 20 January 2021

Max_nexus ხუთშაბათი, 10 დეკემბერი, 2020
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Interesting topics for the OPIN Community Online Meetings

Anita83 პარასკევი, 23 ოქტომბერი, 2020
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2nd OPIN Community Online Meeting on 17 November, 10 am

Max_nexus ორშაბათი, 19 ოქტომბერი, 2020

The OPIN Community is an ongoing process. We hope to create a platform for as much exchange as needed. Together, we can find solutions for challenges in eParticipation projects and answer each other's questions.