How to enable more eParticipation? Practice, resources, spreading and competencies

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Participants of the Open summit on youth eParticipation in Europe "Future is Now" are invited to brainstorm and share their ideas. You have the chance to give your input even if you cannot participate in all of the discussion groups. Your ideas will be reviewed and discussed in the group. They are the basis for our 12 statements that will be presented by the end of the day.

The discussion group DEVELOPMENT will take place on thursday at 16:00 - 17:45 in room Seminar I.

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Vote on ideas

Have a look through the ideas that were proposed and vote for what you think would be best

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carene92 07 Декември 2017
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Youth Organizations

carene92 07 Декември 2017

The results that were proposed by the Developement group are:


  • Change of mind-set with regards to eParticipation and digital methods and convey to policy-makers that e-tools are a win-win situation


  • Map and reach intermediaries with a message that will convince them 


  • 3.The tool is important, but the participatory process and the participatory culture are very key

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