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Дали си се прашувал како може младите луѓе да се вклучат во донесување на политичките одлуки? OPIN е европска алатка за Е–учество која ќе ти го покаже тоа.

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Започни го твојот проект

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Studentski Plenum: how online organization helped a mass student movement

// Stefan Alijevikj, EUth journalist   Today, at our fingertips, we have an incalculable number of apps, websites, and all sorts of digital tools for people to communicate through. The internet, and particularly social media, seems to be an embedded and inevitab...

Introducing The New OPIN-Pilots (3): Youngsters for Local Politics and National Strategies

// The new OPIN pilots have just started their eParticipation projects across Europe. In the upcoming months they will involve youngsters in various diverse activities on local, regional and national levels, bridging the gap between youth and decision-makers. At the s...