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Дали си се прашувал како може младите луѓе да се вклучат во донесување на политичките одлуки? OPIN е европска алатка за Е–учество која ќе ти го покаже тоа.

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From the internet to the street: how online tactics engaged youths in Catalonia

// Irene Dominioni, EUth journalist Pol and Alistair, 23 and 30 years of age respectively, are activists for independence in Catalonia. They belong to two ideologically opposed local parties (JNC, centre-right, and JERC, left), the youth sections of the main poli...

Young Impact: Transforming education into action

// Flore De Pauw, EUth Journalist ‘You and I can change the world’. This message greets visitors on the Young Impact website.   A beautiful sentiment but is it true? Can we change the world that easily? Or should we stop thinking and jus...