What type of activities do you think that should be done during the AZ@Gozo Youth Club sessions?

Various activities will be discussed during the youth club session held every Mondays during the mid-day breaks. Students are to come up, plan and discuss activities.

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The aim of this project is to discuss with the youth club students activities and projects that can be done during this scholastic year at the AZ@Gozo Youth Club. The project will be split into two phases: the first phase will be a brainstorming session where the you the youth need to come up with activities that you would like to do during these youth club sessions. This will be followed with a discussion on the activities. In the second phase the young people need to discuss the planned activities and find a common agreement on how to plan activities. 

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Brainstorming and discussing activities

Suggest ideas for projects and initiatives you would like to have at the AZ@Gozo Youth Club during the breaks. Your ideas will be useful to create an interesting an attractive programme for all the young people at our school.

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more stuff..

Angie Said 07 Ноември 2017
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Discussions on different themes.

An 02 Ноември 2017

The result will be a planned set of activities that will be done over this scholastic year.

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