Debate at School - which themes?

Mr Zammit has suggested the school organised a debate for students. For this debate the aim is to gave students, educators, experts and parents sharing there views.



The school is planning to do two debate events. One for year 9s and another for year 10s. The years will be split into 2 groups, one group in the hall and the other in block A. These will be held on Friday during the last two lessons. The panel will include a couple of students, 2 educators, at least one expert. Parent will be invited to attend. Do you agree with this format? Regarding themes do you have a specific subject? 

Kontakt za vprašanja

Simon Schembri

Agenzija Zghazagh @ Kottonera

Telefon: 99787253

Elektronska pošta

Hvala za udeležbo!

Ta projekt je že zaključen. Najlepša hvala vsem, ki so sodelovali na projektu!

Which themes should we discuss during the debate?

Can you please suggest which themes should be discussed during the debates with the students? Do you have other suggestions on how this can be interesting for you students?

The information will be used to formulate the debate structure. 

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