Realistic goals

Set realistic goals for your project 

You should ask yourself the following question: What do you want the project to achieve? In sum, this has to do with impact. The more clearly and realistically you can define these goals, the easier it will be for you to successfully outline the needed steps of the project to reach the desired end result. 

These questions will hopefully help you defining clear and concrete goals: 

Realistic goals

Remember that influence can be many things – and it is not always something that can be easily measured! Don’t think that participants only have influence if they are granted the sole power of making decisions. More often, influence means giving input in the shape of ideas, recommendations, and opinions that those with decision-making power can take into account. The difficult part of a participatory project is to make sure that results are taken into account in a thorough manner. Don’t worry – several of the following OPIN tips and tricks will touch upon this important topic! 

Goal setting and drafting your idea