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Brussels, Βέλγιο


AEGEE is an organisation with 13,000 members in 200 cities in Europe. We strive for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe, which values the participation of young people. OPIN will be used to...

Sta Venera, Μάλτα

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ was established in February 2011 to promote the interests of young people and to provide assistance to youth organisations and young people in achieving their potential. The ai...

Schleswig-Holstein, Γερμανία

AKJS Schleswig-Holstein

AKJS Schleswig-Holstein

Hannover, Γερμανία

Association of Youth Fire Brigades of Lower Saxony

The Association of the Youth Fire Brigades of Lower Saxony is the association of all child an youth fire brigades in the federal stat of lower saxony.

Milano, Ιταλία

Bilancio Partecipativo IIS Cremona

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Italy, Ιταλία


CATCH-EyoU stands for Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European YoUth: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Solutions. it is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the European Union under ...

Prilep, Σλαβομακεδονία

Coalition of Youth Organisations SEGA

The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is a national platform of youth organizations in Macedonia, dedicated to lobbying for legislative changes as well as supporting youth activism, participati...

Paris, Γαλλία


CPJ is an exchange and concertation body between Parisian youth and councilors. Composed by 100 members between 15 and 30 years-old, randomly drawn, it enables youth to get involves in municipal po...

Slovenia, Ιταλία

Cross-border pilot Trieste-Koper

This cross-border pilot project, led by an independent Italian research institute (ISIS), aims at training young community managers, who will then implement new youth-relevant policies in co-operat...

Berlin, Γερμανία


Organisation page of the EUth project

Berlin, Γερμανία

Example projects for the OPIN platform

The OPIN example organisation enables you to test all the OPIN features you ever wanted to use.

Kamnik, Σλοβενία

Heart of Slovenia Kamnik

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia connects local authorities in central Slovenia. Well-known as a qualified development partner and cooperates with youth organizations. OPIN will be used ...