Idea collection

Share your wild ideas in our example process. Add images to your ideas and vote them.

Временска рамка


This is the information page. It should give the user some infos about the context of the participation project.

The info text:

  • is always visible
  • the frontpage of the project if no phase has started yet
  • can contain formatted texts, lists and images
  • should guide your particpants through the basic porcess

If your process is privat, the users can still see the information of your project, only the content is hidden. So you should use the information to motivate them to join the project.

Ви благодариме на учеството!

Овој проект е веќе завршен. Ви благодариме на сите што бевте дел од овој проект!

Collect ideas

This phase allows to use all features of an idea collection (add, rate and comment).

Иницијаторот нема обезбедено информации за очекуваниот исход на проектот се’уште.

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